To keep it simple, the SIMPLY offer is being offered
The designs are fresh & modern. Depending on the type of content and the target group, suggests a suitable design.

Rent-a-Website is happy to have clear guidelines, this helps us with the implementation and enables the site to be set up faster.

The design requests are implemented as far as possible within the framework of the CMS used.

We usually use SITE123 or Wordpress.

If very specific design requirements are required, this must be discussed before the start of the project. At best, a higher-quality plan is used.

Rent-a-Website needs text suggestions, photos and the logo. These data can be delivered by e-mail, but ideally, for example, by wet transfer.

The better we know the target group and the product - the better can optimize the website SEO. Entering any keywords is very helpful.

Yes, the website is responsive on common smartphones and the website is displayed optimally.

Data of up to 90GB can be loaded.

Yes, at any time, but since the complexity of web shops is high, offers the construction of the web shop exclusively as a separate service (depending on the effort).

The rental period is 24 months.

This includes the creation of the website, the hosting fee, the domain and technical support.

Further options can be included in the rent. E.g. e-mails, multiple languages, maintenance and care of the website.

The price of the monthly rent depends on the different services and options.

After the lease period of 24 months has expired, the subscription will automatically be extended for a further 24 months if no prior notice has been given.

After the customer's ok and the receipt of the first 2 months' rent, we put the website online.

Yes, at the beginning of the rental period a collective invoice will be sent with the amounts due per month.

After signing the contract and before creating the concept, the first 2 months' rent is due. After that the rents are payable monthly until the end of the defined rental period.

People and companies who rent the website usually have no direct access.
If a CARE-ABO was chosen, takes over the adjustments to the website. If a SELF-CARE-ABO has been selected, the tenant can make the adjustments himself.

With the SELF-CARE-ABO, the tenant receives access to the website after the website has been set up. The tenant can update the content, texts and photos himself.

A written cancellation must be made 3 months before the end of the rental period by e-mail to .
If the rental subscription is canceled up to 90 days before the end of the rental period, the website will be switched off after it has expired and stored for 6 months.

The website can be reactivated during the following 6 months. The data will then be irrevocably deleted.

We refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Business and the rental agreement between mybow Business Dream Factory ( and the tenant.

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