The website created based on your design wishes is waiting for you!

Especially for start-ups, associations or even private persions, the purchase of premises, facilities and vehicles can be a great strain on the budget. The same is true for websites - this does not have to be! And this is exactly what led to create the website rental offer.

The advantages of the rental model
With website rental everything is included. The creation of the website, the hosting fee, the domain and the technical support. The costs are predictable because you simply pay a monthly rental fee. The minimum contract period is 24 months.

The creation of the website is done in the same way as the purchase. The tenant sends the raw data, texts, photos, logo as well as design wishes to The design team of creates the website according to the design wishes of the tenant usually within 10 days. Upon request, the team will translate the website into German, French, English, Italian, Spanish or even Chinese. also creates personalized e-mail. The website is SEO optimized according to the key words you provide.

Care and maintenance
The care and maintenance of the website can be done by or by the tenant. If you choose the self-care option, the tenant will receive access and training and will be able to modify texts or images at any time. The CMS chosen by is customer-friendly and easy to use.

Be it for your private website, the club or the company, the model of convinces in all aspects.

Your Rent-a-Website Team
A brand of mybow Business Dream Factory

From 49.- per month

Simply with 4 menus from 49.- CHF / month <> Simply plus with 6 menus from 59.- CHF / month

Creation of the website

We create the website according to your design requirements.

Hosting fee

The hosting fee for the CMS is included.


The linking and the rental of the domain are included.

Technical support

We ask for technical support during the entire rental period. Call us if you have any questions.

Rental period 24 months

Cancellation 3 months in advance or automatic renewal for 24 months

SEO optimization

The website is SEO optimized according to the key words you provided.


Extend the website according to your needs


Personalized emails - CHF 12.90.- / month

We generate 1 or more personalized e-mails with the domain you want. The prices quoted are per e-mail.


Translation - from CHF 9.90.- / month

We translate the website into the language you want. Listed prices per additional language - Simply 9.90.- / month, Simply plus 12.90.- / month.


Self-care maintenance - CHF 0.- / month

Do you want to take over the maintenance of the website yourself? Choose the self-care option. Training and telephone queries for training purposes of up to 3 hours are included.


Maintenance and care - according to expenditure takes over the maintenance and care of the website (adjustments to design, texts, photos, etc.). With this model, the hours are billed according to the time and effort involved.